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The Nova Scotia Guide Service is an affiliate of the Nova Scotia Guides Association (
NSGS was formed to provide sports persons access to professional, insured and registered guides here in Nova Scotia.
In our pages you will find names and contact info for the game and fishing guides in our association.
Check out our events for this year find out how you can get trained and become a registered guide.

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  Board of Directors

Darren White (902)694-8438)

 Stephen Thompson (902)614-1661

 Kimberly Van de Vrie (902-897-7847)

 Peter Lavender

(902)350- 2820  


 Matt Poupart (902)956-4901



  Guides Executive

President   Vinal  Smith   (902)356-2498


Vice President      Gerald Woodill 



Treasurer  Brad Crouse   


Recording  Secretary  Carroll Randall       


2rd vice Pres  Alfie O,Quinn  (902)529-0929